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Easier Way to Access Your Medical Records
Mar 23, 2015 by Carol Dozier
KDH is happy to provide a patient portal for individuals who use our hospital services. The portal allows you to access labs, x-rays, emergency room visits and other testing and information from your own computer. To sign up for the...

Concerns about E-Cigarettes
Aug 31, 2015 by Stephanie Bear
I know their are a lot of misconceptions about e-cigarettes so its important for me to address these issues. First of all, we need to address what an e-cigarette is? It's a battery-powered device that looks like a cigarette. It's...

Preparing for Seasonal Changes
Jul 14, 2015 by Heather
In my field of work, I have discovered that seasonal weight fluctuations are quite common. For many people the number on the scale goes up and down as fast as the changing of the temperatures. We often keep fingers crossed for a drop...