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2016 National Doctors Day Approaching
Mar 01, 2016 by Carol Dozier
KDH would like to honor our physicians on National Doctors Day, March 30th, 2016. Doctor's Day was signed into law as an official day to honor our physicians in 1990 by President George Bush. The first official National Doctors Day was...

Thirdhand Smoke
Feb 15, 2016 by Stephanie Bear
What is thirdhand smoke? It's considered a residual nicotine and other chemicals left on the surfaces from tobacco smoke. The residue is thought to react with indoor pollutants creating a toxic mixture. The toxic mixture contains cancer...

Sticks and stones may break my bones...
Sep 23, 2016 by Dr. Ronald Auer
Much is true about the nursery rhyme, sticks and stones will break your bones, but so will falls, accidents and just plain bad luck. Children are particularly prone to fractures because of their growing skeleton and the presence of growth...