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Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry
Provider nameSpecialtyPhone
Alcorn, George, MD
Internal Medicine 812-801-0828
Bessinger, Karalee, MD
Family Medicine (502) 732-6956
Conners, Vikki, APN
Family Medicine 812-801-0338
Eckert, Thomas, M.D.
Internal Medicine 812-801-0832
Ellis, Robert, M.D.
Family Medicine 812-801-0865
Frede, Scott, M.D.
Internal Medicine and Pediatrics 812-427-9564
Guirguis, Michael, MD
Internal Medicine 812-801-0826
Hartman, Sarah, APN
Family Medicine 812-689-5101 (Versailles)
Hossler, John, M.D.
Family Medicine 812-801-0892
Israel, Michael, MD
Internal Medicine 812-801-0889
Lair, Hannah, APN
Family Medicine 812-801-8914 (Madison)
Maderic, Susan, MD
Family Medicine 502-268-5500
Martin, Cecil, M.D.
Family Medicine 502-732-6956
Meacham, Dawn , DO
Family Medicine 812-801-0985
Miner, Roy W., MD
Family Medicine 812-801-0868
Murphy, Scott, M.D.
Family Medicine 812-801-0868
Nutter, Laura, M.D.
Family Medicine 812-866-3301
Powell, Jan, RN, MSN, APN
Family Medicine 502-268-5500
Ross, Phillip, M.D.
Family Medicine 812-273-7700
Totten, Mark, M.D.
Family Medicine 812-801-8001
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